Living Wage VA and Living Wage For US are joining forces


December 20,2023 


Living Wage Virginia, a project of the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy, is partnering with Living Wage For US to provide Virginia businesses with dual certification. The two joined forces and just rolled out the new certification process on December 20, 2023.   

At Living Wage For US, our mission is to ensure working families everywhere can afford a decent standard of living and basic human rights. We’re thrilled to launch the On-Up dual certification program with our partners at Virginia Interfaith Center and within the Living Wage Network because these partnerships will accelerate progress toward this goal. Together, we will connect with more employers, increase incentives for paying a living wage, and raise awareness of this important work,” said Michelle Murray, founder and CEO of Living Wage For US. “On-Up is an excellent example of how we can move onwards and upwards, together.” 

The partnership introduces a standardized way of certifying businesses as living wage employers. Any interested employer in Virginia can apply for the dual certification. Employers who are currently certified under the old Living Wage Virginia standard will be given a grace period if they choose to recertify through the new standard. 

Jase Hatcher, Economic Justice Program Manager at the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy says “Living Wage Virginia has always maintained that Virginia can be the best state for both businesses and workers. We’re excited to utilize the global gold standard for living wage certification and believe this will continue to move the Commonwealth forward.” 

Hamna Saleem  

Director of Communications  

Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy  


Tracie Ninh 

OnUp Program Manager 


Alix Murray 

OnUp Program Assistant  

Living Wage For US data shows over half of Americans earning less than a living wage

Living Wage For US data shows over half of Americans earning less than a living wage

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New certification system launches today to help employers analyze total remuneration, inclusive of benefits, and close the gap to a decent living for their workers

Sleepy Hollow, NY (November 15, 2021) – Across the U.S. today over half of American workers don’t earn enough to support themselves and their families at a basic level of decency from a human rights lens. U.S. based, non-profit organization, Living Wage For US (For US) celebrates global living wage week by launching a new certification system enabling employers to understand the wages and benefits necessary in their locations to achieve decency for all their workers, and to transparently communicate to investors and consumers through an earned seal, when they are paying a living wage.

In partnership with the Economic Policy Institute, For US has calculated values for living wages county by county across the US that include essentials for a family of four like food, housing, healthcare, transportation, childcare, retirement savings, taxes, and a small margin to buffer for unexpected events. In the age of Covid, a worker’s ability to weather unexpected situations has become increasingly pertinent. And as employers struggle to fill jobs, companies are looking for the right formula to attract or retain a much-needed workforce. First of its kind, the For US living wage standard and certification system provides in-depth understanding of how to structure a total remuneration plan so that workers earn a living wage while employers maximize the benefits and affordability of this investment in their workers.

Michelle Murray, founder and CEO of For US makes clear why a third-party living wage certification is so pertinent to the moment. “The need for a transparent understanding and communication on living wage is more apparent now than ever before as 2020 research from Just Capital shows that across all demographics, political affiliations, incomes, genders, and generations, Americans find payment of a living wage the most important issue that business should address. If employers can show consumers and investors that they are heeding that call, we can have a solution that works for workers, for employers, for communities, and for us!”

The For US standard and certification has the potential to support increased wages for tens of millions of workers across the United States. In efforts to highlight this endeavor, For US partners with the UK Living Wage Foundation, UN Global Compact, World Benchmarking Alliance, Share Action, Good Jobs Institute, Lean Enterprise Institute, and Living Wage Network, to deliver a series of events this week from November 15-19 celebrating global living wage week and launching its new certification system. These events offer opportunities to understand how and why a living wage certification can go the distance in delivering on the new purpose of a corporation, as set forth by Business Roundtable, investing in employees by compensating them fairly.


Michelle Murray

Living Wage For US, CEO