Workers, employers, and communities benefit from extra efforts above payment of a living wage.

PLUS!! We acknowledge that living wage should be a floor, not a ceiling on compensation. The plus add-on designation acknowledges employer actions in favor of workers that might not qualify to be credited against a living wage, but are nonetheless, valuable and important. Any employer earning the Plus add-on designation to their certification seal has accomplished at least five of the items listed below.

Each certified For US member has the opportunity to achieve the Plus designation to further highlight actions they have taken for their workers that could not be considered as part of the For US living wage standard. To qualify, an employer must have taken at least 5 of the actions below and be able to demonstrate this to For US staff. Further details are included in For US living wage standard guidance.

Additional Covered Living Wage Workers
Predictable and Sustainable Scheduling Practices 
Provision of Flexible Work Hours and Work from Home Options
Employee Ownership of Company
Paid Family and Medical Leave
Additional Paid Time Off
Excellence in Retirement Contributions
Tuition Reimbursement
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reporting
U.S. Supply Chain Living Wage Payment
Support for Collective Bargaining
Provision of Health Benefits Beyond Basic Insurance
Student Debt Assistance
Employee Education Opportunities for Advancement
Lobbying in support of policies that support and make Living Wages easier to achieve