Our Vision and Mission

Vision: A world where every family can afford a decent standard of living and every worker is fairly compensated without prejudice

Mission: Overcome the barriers and create the incentives to enable employers to pay living wages, affording a decent quality of life for working families.

What makes For US unique?

For US certifies U.S. employers that pay their workers and contractors a living wage based on real costs of living. More than that, we create a community to support employers in understanding how to pay living wages in a way that benefits workers, employers, and communities.  We engage consumers and other interested stakeholders through social media, telling the positive stories of those whose lives are affected by higher wages and building the business case for living wage payment. We use research to navigate the impacts of policy changes on how workers can achieve a decent living, creating a space where solid research leads to strong action. Our Standard was developed through a consultative process convened by Oxfam America, which included unions, labor advocates, leading employers, and gender justice organizations. We have sought to ensure that affected workers and employer champions had a strong voice in the process. We join in solidarity with all of you who believe that hard work should ensure a decent living, and celebrate the employers, investors, and organizations who are leading the way.

Our Values

Living wages build and demonstrate respect by rightly valuing the societal contributions made by those that create and maintain the fabric of our communities. Our strategy seeks to complement worker voice and celebrate employers who are leading the way, uniting people around this common, positive, message. In an increasingly polarized America, it is a nonpartisan strategy appealing to both employers and hard-working people from all walks of life and all corners of our country.

Our Leadership

  • David Rolf

    David Rolf

    Board of Directors

    David Rolf is a labor leader, organizer, author, and strategist working to build the next American labor movement. He has been called “the most successful union organizer in America” by Fast Company, and American Prospect wrote that “no American unionist has organized as many workers, or won them raises as substantial, as Rolf.”

  • Monica Rowe

    Monica Rowe

    Board of Directors

    Results-driven Executive with extensive experience leading, motivating, and managing high-performing global teams across various industries. Proven success as expert brand and message developer with tremendous vision around content and voice. Skilled in recruiting key influencers and strategic partners.

  • Ben Thomases

    Ben Thomases

    Board of Directors

    Executive Director of Queens Community House which provides individuals and families with the tools to enrich their lives and build healthy and inclusive communities.

  • Michelle Murray

    Michelle Murray


    An experienced living wage professional, Michelle has dedicated the last decade of her life working on issues of living wage and income as former coordinator for the Global Living Wage Coalition, an expert consultant on living wages globally with On-Up LLC, and the lead content developer for Living Wage For US during it's incubation period and conceptualization.

  • Biko Nagara

    Biko Nagara

    Chief Program Officer

    Biko Nagara, Chief Programs Officer at Living Wage for US, joins the team with over a decade of management experience in international standards and certification systems. Having led the development of global programs in sectors ranging from manufacturing to agriculture and seafood, most recently as the head of producer certification for Fair Trade USA, he brings extensive experience in program operations, technology, quality management systems and best practices in auditing and assurance. He was responsible for successfully achieving organizations' ISO and ISEAL compliance as well as contributed to the establishment of the Global Living Wage Coalition, serving as a founding member on its management committee.

Special Thanks

We would like to extend a special thank you to the people who volunteered their time and support to help launch For US.

  • Jessica Grillo

    Jessica Grillo

    Thought Partner and Early Content Creator
  • Dannel Albert

    Dannel Albert

    Software Engineer
  • Carly Jacobs

    Carly Jacobs

    Communications and Storytelling
  • Alicia Mara

    Alicia Mara

    Social Media Strategy
  • Slava


    Brand Designer


  • Living Wage Network

    Living Wage Network

    For US works in collaboration with the Living Wage Network to make a concentrated impact on wages in specific communities. The network is composed of partners in Virginia, North Carolina (Asheville, Durham, and Orange County), Nashville TN, Ithaca NY, and Georgetown TX.

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