Certified Employers

Congratulations to the companies leading the way as the first to achieve certification under the For US Living Wage Standard.

Living Wage Certified Employers

The employers listed below have completed the process to become living wage certified either at our tier I or tier II levels. Tier I employers pay a wage that shows an existing commitment to workers and employers have agreed to closing any remaining gaps to a full family living wage at a rate of inflation plus 3% on average annually. Tier II, Leading Living Wage Employers, pay a full family living wage to all their workers. Those with the Plus status to either tier I or II designation engage in activities and/or offer benefits that can’t count toward a living wage, but go above and beyond for their workers.

Watch us Grow!

Our certified employers are just the tip of the iceberg. Over 75 employers from all over the country are engaged with Living Wage For US to understand how their total remuneration compares to a living wage. These employers span two dozen industries and range in size from small employers with less than $1million in annual revenue to large multinational employers with over $5billion in annual revenue.

Keep an eye on this page as we continually update the map of where we are reviewing certification applications as well as the announcement of new employers who have proudly committed to a living wage for all their workers.

Reach out to us today to be a part of our first 100 living wage certified employers!