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Tier I & Tier II

Living Wage Rates

Living Wage For US estimates a family living wage for each county in the nation. For certification, we use lowest cost county in the commuting zones to more closely reflect the local economy where people live and work.

Our Tier I “Living Wage For US Employers” are on their journey toward ensuring a living wage for all workers. These employers pay the Entry Wage for Tier I Certification listed for each commuting zone (in the map above, ranging between $15 – $19/hr) and commit to increasing remuneration every year by inflation plus 3% until they reach the Tier II family living wage rate for all workers.

Our Tier II “Leading Living Wage For US Employers” ensure that workers earn the rates of pay by geography listed in our living wage map, by accounting for benefits that directly reduce costs of living included in the living wage estimates in addition to base pay and expected bonuses. By applying for certification, employers may use our living wage total remuneration assessment tool to assess the gap, if any still remains once the base cash wage band is paid, to a family living wage. Please contact us to learn more about how you can use this tool as part of your certification process.