Chief Executive Officer

Michelle has focused on the intersection of corporate and public good for over ten years and is passionate about finding ways to bring together parties with diverse interests and motivations for the betterment of all.

Most recently Michelle led On-Up, a consulting form focusing on global guidance and technical assistance for standards and others around living wage and living income issues. In this role she spent three years working on the development of Living Wage For US. Prior to this work Michelle managed the Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC)(, achieving broad consensus among brands, unions, producers, governments, industry associations, civil society, and academia on one definition and method of estimating living wage in supply chains. Michelle built a brand with the GLWC that is trusted and globally recognizable, fostering agreement among typically competitive parties to work pre-competitively toward achieving a living wage for workers.

Before joining the GLWC, Michelle developed expertise on a range of labor rights issues and certification as Director of Operations at Social Accountability International (SAI), the home of the leading social certification standard, SA8000.

Michelle has always understood that sustainable change is achieved when business works together with social and environmental movements. As a Director with NYC Business Solutions, a program to help small businesses start, operate, and expand, she launched an initiative that helped over 50 green businesses grow while workers gained new skills, designing a green business assistance platform that took advantage of important wage subsidies to usher workers into new and competitive careers.

Michelle earned a Masters in Public Administration from New York University, Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.