Introducing the Living Wage Gift Guide

2023 Living Wage Network Gift Guide

The Living Wage Network is proud to present our first annual living wage gift guide!

As you shop for your loved ones this holiday season, you can make a positive impact by purchasing gifts from companies that pay their employees a living wage! Use this guide to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

You can browse through the guide and shop directly on the companies’ websites, or if you happen to live in the area, stop by in person! All companies in this guide ship across the U.S. These really are the gifts that keep on giving.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

What is the Living Wage Network?

The Living Wage Network is composed of U.S.-based organizations that encourage and certify employers that pay a living wage, significantly impacting the lives of thousands of low-wage workers across the country. We will lift up and support the work done by our partners, while growing and expanding local and state-based living wage projects. By linking organizations across the nation and creating a formalized network, we can expand and support the movement for living wages, and lift up employers who believe it is good business to pay livable wages to all workers.

Living Wage for US has been part of the Living Wage Network since 2022 and is happy to collaborate with the Network to highlight companies across the United States that are paying their employees a living wage. We believe the living wage movement needs the involvement of local communities as much as it needs the support of our global partners that join us in the Global Living Wage Affiliate Network. Check out our Partners page to see how we collaborate with organizations on the local, national, and global level.

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