Our “Living Wage For US Employers” are on their journey toward ensuring a living wage for all workers by paying the entry wage for certification listed for each commuting zone and committing to increase renumeration every year by inflation plus 3% until a family living wage is paid to all workers. This initial certification wage accounts for all cash wages (base wage plus expected cash bonuses). It ranges between $15 – $18/hr, adjusted based on cost of living differences to show a commitment to working toward a living wage for all workers. With the “entry wage for certification” category within each county (listed in the map below) signifying the amount of pay in total cash wages necessary to become a “Living Wage For US Employer”.

Living Wage For US Employer

For initial certification as a Living Wage For US Employer cash wages between $15-$18/hr have been set based on the cost of living differences across the U.S. The map to the right shows that cash wage that must be paid to qualify as a “Living Wage For US Employer”

Achieving the Next Step – Paying a Living Wage for All Workers