Living Wage in the US: Shared Benefit For Workers, For Employers, For Communities, For US

November 16, 2022 – Join us in Boston to celebrate living wage week as we highlight the employers that are leading the way and invite you to learn about how you can achieve a living wage for your company or organization. We will announce the latest employers to achieve certification and explore the way forward. Hosted by Amalgamated Bank.

Featured speakers:

  • Joelle Gamble, Chief Economist, US DOL
  • Rick Wartzman, Head of KH Moon Center for a Functioning Society at Drucker Institute
  • Irit Tamir, Director of Private Sector Department, Oxfam America

New Business Guidance on Living Wage

November 17, 2022 – A living wage is a key component to ensuring Decent Work. Further, it impacts a wide range of SDGs and provides concrete, measurable opportunities for progress on the often neglected social front. In partnership with UN Global Compact, we will explore the most common questions and challenges on how progress toward living wage payment can be incorporated in strategies to address the SDGs in ways that are beneficial to employers, workers, and communities. This webinar will leave companies with a firm understanding of the most impactful steps to take on living wage at home in the US as well as globally, and how to easily get started. We will also provide clear guidance on how to overcome common challenges and how addressing living wage can map directly to a variety of SDGs.

Advancing the Living Wage Movement: What’s My Role?

November 17, 2022 – Join us for a virtual event with the US Living Wage Network and Living Wage for US talking about how to advance the living wage movement during International Living Wage Week. This event is for consumers, employers, and anyone interested in helping to move forward living wages as a part of a more just and sustainable economy. The event will take place over zoom on Thursday, November 17th from 6-7pm EST and everyone is welcome to tune in.